Message From CEO's Desk

To emerge as an well recognized centre in school education department that will enable the students to develop proper skills for competing in this modern world.
To enable the development and socio-economic transformation in this remote Himalayan region of Jammu & Kashmir State.
It is therefore imperative that education should be given the foremost attention and we all should confess to burn mid night oil to come up to expectation of modern day India to compete the best in the world.
I would like to invite the attention of the parents and teachers to the fact, the need of the hour is to change our old mindset in order to make society more vibrant and dynamic .Also I am confident that I will be able to infuse new vigor, zeal and zest among the students and teachers to enhance their abilities, intelligence, gifted talent, approaches to subject matter, efficiency and proficiency so that our KATHUA can achieve new heights of success.